Congratulations on making it this far! Some people would hire a freelancer without even getting to know him or her, all willy-nilly-like. But not you! No, I knew there was something different about you. You're special. And I'm here to help harness that adorable idea you have and turn it into a product worthy of show-and-tell. But before we get started, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Justin Peay (pronounced pay, like, "This logo is awesome! Please let me pay you in luxurious houseboats and briefcases of money!") I'm 6'2" and am married to a beautiful woman who is 5' tall. She keeps me grounded. See what I did there? (please keep reading)

I have been working in churches as a graphic artist and "video-guy" for almost 5 years, which is 35 years in dog years. Speaking of dogs, I have one! His name is Brody. He's a Boxer-Grey Hound mix and is terrified of plastic bags.

Like most people, I say I like long walks on the beach, but what I really mean is I would rather stay inside where there's air conditioning and no birds.

But enough about that. Allow me to be your friendly neighbor's free Wi-Fi. In other words, let's take 2 good things (your ideas and my skills) and make something great!